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Flatout Minigame Flatout Minigame

Rated 5 / 5 stars

*pinches cheek*

I'm so proud of you. ;)

Good work. I love the game. Its very original and fun. Originality and fun are things that you cannot beat. Hopefully you'll make some more cool games like this. I really enjoyed it.


Rated 4 / 5 stars

Tastes like Old School

Very nice that this is in the portal. Its good to teach the new users what NG was built on. :)

Tip-A-Cow Tip-A-Cow

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Not bad

Its a little short and a little easy. I had no problems beating it. The graphics are fairly good. I like his little dance after he tips the cows. :) The intro was nicely done. Overall it was a pretty good game. The only problem is the replay value. I don't know if i'd ever play it again.

also, your "play again" button does not work. It only brings you back to the end of the, yeah, you might wanna fix that the next time you get a chance.

Newgrounds RPG Demo Newgrounds RPG Demo

Rated 3 / 5 stars

Buggy and laggy

Well, i'm sure you've heard all the bugs so far from previous reviews. The main one being the depth of the text boxes when talking. Another one would be the right click menu. I skipped past the whole part where you type in your name by right-clicking and hitting play. I'd fix that ASAP.

The lagging about killed me. With everything on low quality it was still nearly unbearable, especially in the fighting scenes. Use .jpgs for the stationary backgrounds, that should help a lot. Because during the fighting scene i would do the arrow+a move and run and slash him and it would freeze for 5 seconds at the peak of the slash before finishing the move.

Another thing that irked me was the walking. With all that talent you guys have on your team you can surely make a decent walking animation. And apart from the animation i didn't like how you had to move a certain distance. It made it frustrating to walk around because i had to wait for the north walk animtion to complete before the east and west animations would start.

I hope you guys fix these problems for the full version. The lagging especially.

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Zwill(Game) UPDATED!! Zwill(Game) UPDATED!!

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars


It was enjoyable enough to play but there is lots of room for improvement. The sounds got a little annoying after a while, just for the plain fact that they were annoying sounds. The graphics are decent and are good for a game as this because it helps a lot with lag. The music was good, i'm glad you kept it. One thing that i didn't like was the platforms. The mouse guy kept bobbing up and down. I would say it was your hitTest with the platforms that caused this because i'm pretty sure you wouldn't do that on purpose. At one point the guy nearly sank through the platform but he soon recovered and returned to the top. If you fix those two platform problems then this game won't be too shabby.


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FlyBy FlyBy

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Great job

This game is very simple yet addictive and i love it. If you ever have the time you should make more options, as others have mentioned, and maybe make a flyBy2. That would be very cool. All in all, great game, hope to see more from you in the future. :)

Marble MADness Marble MADness

Rated 3 / 5 stars

Needs work.

It was a decent game. I enjoyed playing it but when it comes down to the sripting you could have done better. For a game like this i think it is crucial to have proper physics. The ball did not accelerate or deccelerate nor did it bounce even the tiniest bit. The physics are what makes and breaks games like these. So when you release the next one please try to work on that.

Another thing was your dyncamic text boxes that record the score were too small. The score kept getting cut off. Whenever my score was 60 it looked like this:


The 0 was only half way in there.

The music was okay and suprisingly didn't annoy me. Its actually stuck in my head right now. :)

I think that's all i have to say. Good luck on the next one.

The-Mercenary responds:

Ok sorry about that but I cant fux it now the fla is on another pc. but As far as the physics go, I'm almost done with Marble MADness 2, and it has 20 levels. But the major improvenment is in the ball, it has way faster gameplay and the accleleration is is about 20x faster than the first! The ball bounces, and no more bugs, yea no more stupid bugs, ok there is one where you can go through the wall, but in the areas that are blocked, you cant go through there! DId I mention it has 4 difficulty modes, character select, level select(you need to win parts of the game to get passwords and unlock the levels)and a level skip mode whick can be unlocked after you beat the game. O and a major improvement over the graphics! Does this sound good or what. I think I can send you the swf of it. but I'm probably gonna finish it in a week or so.(cause I been working on it for like 2 months).....well this was a long response, btw didnt you use to be star cleaver.

soundbox soundbox

Rated 5 / 5 stars


I've been looking for something on NG like this for a long time and now i've found it. This soundbox is so much fun to play with. I sat at my computer for 30 minutes just playing around and coming up with new beats. Great work!

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Disorderly Disorderly

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


...i think you just wanted another Daily Feature... :P

Nevertheless this game is still a classic and will never get old.

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Sinjid Battle Arena Sinjid Battle Arena

Rated 5 / 5 stars

good job guys/gals

I like it. Its very well thought out. The graphics are good, the gameplay is good, and the music is decent(gets a little old). I didn't find any bugs is good. I can't wait to see what this group comes out with next, i'm sure it will be just as good if not better.

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